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How do gift cards work?

Who doesn't love a gift card? The perfect way to ensure your loved one gets exactly what they want. Simply head to over to our gift card shop and decide the amount or gift you'd like to send, then follow the steps. Note that although you may have sug

I'm trying to buy a gift card but it's coming up with an error

Due to the nature of the e-gift card, you are only able to checkout the card by itself, without any other items. If you have any other items in your cart you will need to remove them and purchase the card, then make a new purchase for your other item

How do I redeem my cheesegeek gift card?

Each gift card has a loyalty card code that you can copy and paste in the "Gift Card or Discount" code field at checkout or “apply a gift card’ in the Billing section if purchasing one of our subscriptions. Whilst the gift card designs and amounts gi