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How do I redeem my cheesegeek gift card?Updated 2 years ago

Each gift card has a loyalty card code that you can copy and paste in the "Gift Card or Discount" code field at checkout or “apply a gift card’ in the Billing section if purchasing one of our subscriptions. Whilst the gift card designs and amounts give you an idea of which box you can purchase, you can actually can choose any box or cheese from our site and use your gift card towards your purchase. 🙌 For example, if you don't fancy The Lionel cheesebox, you can put the £35 towards another box or cheeses, wine or condiments from our Pick 'N' Mix range. 

You can use the whole of your gift card in one go or if you don't manage to use it all, you can use your remaining balance another time. You will have 12 months from the date of purchase to spend your gift card; you can even add it to your Apple wallet for safe keeping!

If you plan to use your gift card against our rolling subscription, The Jimi, it will be valid for the first box only and you will need to register a debit/credit card for the subscription to continue. Currently, you will still need to enter card details if redeeming your gift card against our pre-paid subscription, The Elvis. Please rest assured that your card won't be charged, but it is a requirement for our subscription provider to register your account - we apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

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