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How do gift cards work?Updated 2 years ago

Who doesn't love a gift card? The perfect way to ensure your loved one gets exactly what they want.

Simply head to over to our gift card shop and decide the amount or gift you'd like to send, then follow the steps. Note that although you may have suggested they buy a Lionel cheesebox with their £35 voucher, they will actually be able to purchase anything up to that amount from the website.

You will be asked to enter your recipient's email address and your gift message to them, as well as select the appropriate graphic. The beauty of this e-gift card is you can select the date that the email is sent to them, zero shipping or carbon emissions, bonus! 

Your giftee will receive a unique code in their email along with your gift message. This code is valid for a year and they will receive reminder emails to spend their voucher before their time is up. 

To use their voucher they just need to enter their code at the checkout. If they don't spend it all in one go, they can use the code again at a later date and use their remaining balance. They can also use it as partial payment if they decide to purchase a product more expensive than the amount on the card.

Please note that if you want to change the date on which your e-gift card is sent, you will need to contact us as we will need to refund you and re-do the purchase.

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