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Why do I need to add safe place instructions?Updated 2 years ago

As we use a "leave safe" delivery service, it's super important to have instructions detailing where the courier can leave your box. In fact, it's a checkout requirement when you purchase from us. Your allocated place should be secure, out of view of the public, have good weather coverage and be accessible. That way, the driver can leave your cheese safely, and you can go about your day freely!

We kindly ask you (for the love of cheese!) to make sure your instructions specify a physical place to leave the cheesebox, for example, behind the bins or on the porch. Instructions like 'ring doorbell', 'call this number' and 'we will be home' won't be considered valid and could lead to disappointment. 

Asking to leave the box with your neighbour is a good suggestion, but again you should consider where the driver should leave the cheese if your neighbours aren't in either.

Suppose your apartment block doesn't have the luxury of a concierge. In that case, we'd recommend considering how your courier can reach your safe place if access codes are required. You can always reach out to us, and we will try to give you the best possible advice. 

If the driver cannot leave your box in a safe place due to issues reaching it or security, they may have to take it back to the depot (BOO!!). We'd always advise getting in touch with the courier directly to make sure they'll redeliver it the next day. After the first delivery attempt, you should receive an email to update your safe place instructions or offer other delivery options like delivering to a parcel shop.

If you need to add or change the safe place instructions for your order, please get in touch with support to manually update this for you. Please note we won't be able to guarantee any alterations requested less than 48 hours before your delivery date.

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