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Shipping PolicyUpdated 2 years ago

We use DHL for the majority of our deliveries. Whilst they are unable to guarantee delivery within 24hrs, we believe they are the best couriers in the market, with a completion rate very close to 100%. 

Our aim is to deliver all accepted orders on your chosen delivery date.

For orders from our Pick N Mix shop, there is a possibility that stock may be running low and we will have to delay delivery - this should never be by more than 2 days maximum and we will always inform you.

We are able to deliver to both residential addresses and business addresses. Before completing your purchase, you must indicate instructions for the courier as to where your delivery should be left in the event nobody is present to receive the order. This is not a signed for service, so it can be simply 'on the porch', as well as 'with a neighbour'. It is important that you are as specific as possible with these instructions. Please note that should your indicated preference not be secure, we are unable to assume liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of the cheese being left in/at that location. If our couriers deem a 'safe place' location not to be secure, either because it is exposed to the elements, or it is visible from the road, they may return to the depot with it. In such cases, you will be informed via the tracking service (text message and/or email) and with a slip through the letterbox. You can then either arrange re-delivery directly with them for the next day or to collect from the depot. This should be done the following day to ensure the cheese remains in pristine condition. We can accept no liability if you are unavailable to either receive or collect your delivery the day following the scheduled delivery date where the 'safe place' has been deemed insecure by the courier.

If there is nobody due to be present at the delivery address on the estimated delivery date who can refrigerate the products, we are unable to accept liability for perished goods. It is your responsibility to ensure that someone will be present on the estimated delivery date and that they are able to refrigerate the goods on that day. 

On receipt of your order, we advise you to refrigerate the cheese straight away.
Whilst DHL is an excellent service, it remains slightly short of 100% in terms of next day delivery. On the very rare occasion your cheese does not arrive on your chosen delivery day, it is very likely to arrive the next day. If it does arrive a day late, please do not worry about the condition of the cheese, as our boxes are designed to keep the cheese in the right conditions for 48hrs, or even longer when it is cold outside!

If your cheese has not arrived by the end of the next day, then please let us know as soon as possible, and we will investigate.

If there is nobody available to receive the delivery or collect it, on either the day of delivery or the following day, we are unable to offer any refunds or compensation provided the original delivery was delivered on one of those days.

It is therefore imperative that you ensure someone is available to either receive or collect the delivery on either the day or the day after the scheduled delivery date.

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