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Loyalty programmes (Cryptocurds & Curd perks)Updated 2 years ago

We have revamped our loyalty program to help you earn those sweet rewards and discounts even faster!

If you still have unused rewards from our previous program, don’t worry; your hard work isn’t lost! You will still be able to redeem these right up until the end of 2021. If you’re unsure of what goodies you are due, drop us an email and we will let you know. 

We have 2 different types of loyalty schemes depending on what you’ve purchased.


You will automatically start earning “cryptocurds” (or points) when you create a free cheesegeek account. Everything you do will earn you further cryptocurds which you can save up and use towards future purchases.

Signing up for an account alone earns you a juicy 100 cryptocurds! You can also earn cryptocurds for really simple things like:

Make a purchase - 1 cryptocurd per pound spent

Opt in to email newsletter - 10 cryptocurds

Follow us on social media  - 5 cryptocurds for each social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Leave a review of a purchase - 10 cryptocurds

Have a birthday - 10 cryptocurds 

If you use a discount code, you will still earn cryptocurds, but only on the amount after the discount has been applied. For example, if you have a £5 discount and purchase a £35 box, you will receive 30 cryptocurds for this purchase instead of 35.

You can spend your cryptocurds once you have accumulated enough: 

500 cryptocurds = £5 off 

1000 cryptocurds = £10 off 

1500 cryptocurds = £15 off

To check your cyptocurds balance, log into your account > click on the Curd Perks tab > a pop up will appear showing your balance and what you can use.

Curd Perks

These are special rewards only available to those on our rolling subscription, The Jimi. You will be automatically enrolled into this scheme when you create an account and purchase a Jimi. 

Curd Perks are extra special! You will automatically receive extra goodies and discounts when you reach different tiers. To reach these tiers all you have to do is receive your subscription boxes! The more boxes you receive, the better the rewards. Yes, really, we’re rewarding you for enjoying cheese!

Currently, there are 7 tiers and rewards include exclusive merchandise, discounts on condiments, and even the possibility of becoming a product tester.

You can pause your subscription at any time for up to 6 months without losing your tier. If you cancel your subscription or pause for longer than 6 months, you will lose your perks and have to start again if/when your subscription starts back up.

You can check your current tier any time by logging into your cheesegeek account.

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