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Loyalty Programmes

I still have wedges from the old loyalty scheme, how do I redeem my loyalty wedges?

We have a fabulous new loyalty scheme which you can read about here but if you still have unused wedges from our previous programme you can still redeem them up until the end of 2021. Rewards can only be used against new purchases. At this time we ca

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes, we do! Being a small business, we really appreciate our fellow cheese geeks spreading the good word about what we do and we want to say ‘thank you!’. We're giving both you and your cheese-loving friend 10% off when your spend £30 or over. To rec

Loyalty programmes (Cryptocurds & Curd perks)

We have revamped our loyalty program to help you earn those sweet rewards and discounts even faster!. If you still have unused rewards from our previous program, don’t worry; your hard work isn’t lost! You will still be able to redeem these right up