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When is my next subscription box?Updated 2 years ago

Daydreaming about being united with your next cheesebox?

Jimi subscribers:

You can check when your next payment is due by logging into your account on cheesegeek's website. From here head to manage subscriptions > subscription schedule. The date you see here is your charge date. Your first charge date is the date on which you first signed up and paid for your Jimi box, we then automatically set your charge date to the same date each month (or every 2/3 months, whatever you had selected). Once payment has been taken, your box will arrive 5 working days later. With this in mind, you can change the charge date to alter the delivery date. Bear in mind we don't deliver on Sundays or Mondays

We are currently in the process of making a brand new app where you will be able to manage all your subscription needs! In the meantime, we'd advise making any changes to your account via the website or getting in touch with us if you have any queries.

Elvis subscription:

With this gift subscription, you will always receive your box on the same day of the month rather than the same date. For example, if your first box arrived on the second Thursday of the month, next months will arrive on the second Thursday as well. If you need to update your subscription (delivery dates, addresses or cheeses preferences, etc.), please reach out to us here.

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