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I want to update my preferences/bespoke optionsUpdated 2 years ago

Whether you have received a generous subscription gift or have placed an order you're yet to receive and suddenly realised you're not a fan of the blue stuff, we can bespoke (tailor-make) your box!

With your chosen box or subscription we can make some changes to make it just right for your tastes. You have the option to include or disclude blue cheese, goats cheese and even to have vegetarian cheese only. We can implement any of those changes for a subscription but please bear in mind we may not be able to swap out certain cheeses for set paired boxes.

This is because the cheese would have been specially selected to pair with a beverage or snack and we may not have another suitable match. If this is the case we will be happy to suggest alternative boxes that suit your requirements.

Want to bespoke your box? Just drop us an email and we can do this for you!

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