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How should I compose a cheeseboard?Updated 2 years ago

The key thing here is to respect your palate. Just like a great movie should build to a big climax, so should your cheeseboard. 

  • Start with the freshest, more delicate cheeses, like a young goat's milk cheese, then move on to the subtle, younger hard cheeses. These would be your British Territorials, Lancashire, Cheshire or Wensleydale. Leave these to later and you're gonna miss out on all the beautiful subtleties hidden within. 
  • Next, it's the mature hard cheeses, your aged Gouda, or Vintage Cheddar for example. Likewise a strong sheep's milk cheese like Manchego. These bring more powerful flavours and will drown out the earlier cheeses. 
  • Then come the soft cheeses like Brie/Camembert or your washed rind cheeses like Epoisses. They are not only punchy in flavour, but the flavours will linger too and dominate your tastebuds. 
  • Finally in come the sharp, salty, big flavoured blue cheeses to end with a bang. 

You've had a great time, and so have your tastebuds!

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