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How long do the cheeses keep?Updated 2 years ago

We get our cheese out to customers so that it’s ready to eat upon delivery – matured to perfection and always cut fresh on the day it’s sent out. That’s why we recommend you eat your cheese on the day it arrives.

If you’re not ready to tuck in right away, unpack the cheeses and pop them in an airtight container in the fridge (keeping the blues separate if possible). Your softs and blues should keep for up to 1 week and hard cheeses for up to 2 weeks.

As these are artisan cheeses, they’ll behave in different ways. Exactly how long they last will depend on their size (smaller pieces will expel moisture faster) and type (softer cheeses have a shorter shelflife). But it’s really a case of optimum taste – most of the cheese we send out is cut before it gets to you, and should be eaten sooner rather than later to be enjoyed at its best.

If you receive a whole, uncut cheese, this will last longer (see the use-by date), although do note that it will continue to mature slowly in the fridge!

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